Mudavadi party warns leaders out to tear Amani house apart

George Kebaso @Morarak

Trouble is brewing in the Musalia Mudavadi party, Amani National Coalition (ANC), which threatens to tear it apart. A section of ANC leaders allied to Mudavadi yesterday accused their colleagues of being funded by external political rivals to bring ANC down.

Some members of the party’s Parliamentary Group (PG) and its National Executive Council (NEC) said they are considering disciplinary action, particularly against two legislators.

During a briefing to journalists at Amani House, it also emerged the disciplinary action may lead to expulsion of the rebel legislators for plans to ruin the party that sponsored them to Parliament. PG chair Ayub Savula and four other MPs asked the rebels to either toe the line or leave.

“The party will exercise all options at its disposal in dealing with the matter. You cannot enjoy the benefits of being ANC member while working to destroy it. You had better go out there, where you rightly belong,” Savula said.

Savula (Lugari); Sakwa Bunyasi (Nambale), Tindi Mwale (Butere), Christopher Aseka (Khwisero) and Ogesi Kivai (Vihiga) said the party is Mudavadi’s vehicle for the 2022 presidential election and should be guarded jealously. Any plans to destroy it, they said, would not be entertained.

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