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AK to elevate training camp standards

Athletics Kenya (AK) plans to update rules and regulations governing training camps in Kenya. AK president Jackson Tuwei says the rules and regulations are aimed at ensuring all camps are in the same level and have similar facilities and equipment across the country.

Tuwei says AK wants all training camps to have qualified athletics coaches, good managers and the required facilities that meet international standards. “We are there to coordinate matters athletics and to ensure the training camps are up to the standards. We are out to ensure the camps managements stick to the rules and regulations besides having good facilities and equipment,” said Tuwei.

“We want to ensure budding athletes and seasoned ones get the best in terms of facilities so that Kenya continues to bag more medals in various international events,” he added. Meanwhile, AK is encouraging athletics coaches at the grassroots to scout for talented children who can be trained to become prominent athletes and subsequently fly the Kenyan flag in international events in future.

“Coaches play a key role in assisting budding athletes to hone their skills and we are encouraging them to take their responsibilities seriously for the sake of Kenyan athletics,” said Tuwei.

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