Teachers’ guide to help fight terrorism

National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is planning to roll out a teachers’ guide tool to enable them to detect potential recruits. The guide, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will be given to both primary and secondary school teachers.

This comes as the centere reported that the number of terror attacks have gone down in the past few years due to increased surveillance and acquisition of modern equipment.

Speaking during the second Annual Colloquium on Preventing and Countering of Violent Extremism organised by Human Rights Agenda (HURIA) in Mombasa, NCTC Director Martin Kimani said terrorism, however, still remained a security challenge in the country.

“The books are ready. We are waiting for the Ministry of Education and various stakeholders to communicate a date when the new programme will be rolled out in schools,” he said.

“The guide will enable teachers detect and understand the potential process of recruitment being used by terror groups to lure school-going children into terrorism,” he added. Kimani said the government had made some gains in the war against terrorism but more needs to be done to counter emerging trends.

“Terrorism continues to be a challenge to our country and we have to stay on the lookout to counter the emerging trends. It is notable that the number of attacks related to terrorism has gone down although more needs to be done,” said Kimani.

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