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Kinoti puts the final nail in coffin of Flying Squad team

The dreaded elite police unit, Flying Squad, has now been officially disbanded and its members redeployed to other police formations. More than 200 police officers attached to Flying Squad in Nairobi and across the country were yesterday redeployed to the regular Criminal Investigations and uniformed police stations.

Changes effected by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti who said that a new team of 100 personnel will be formed and will be based in Nairobi. “The new team will be specifically used for short-term operations on need basis,” said Kinoti.

A pool of 50 vehicles that had been assigned to the unit has been stationed at the DCI headquarters ready for use by the new team to be headed by veteran detective Musa Yego. The officers who had been summoned to Nairobi by Kinoti were given letters indicating where they will serve in the changes. Kinoti plans to build the squad afresh by staffing it with new personnel and under one command, an insider said.

The officers have been operating under regional commanders, which made it difficult to coordinate in their mandates. The decision to make changes in the unit has been inspired by the need to have fresh officers there after some of the current ones were accused of working with criminals. There are also complaints some officers are leasing out their weapons to criminals.

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