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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your children

Grace Wachira @yaa_grace

Love is in the air. Today is that day associated with love and romance. So, where does this leave the children? Well, because Valentine’s Day is all about love, it gives one a perfect opportunity to create more love in the family, not only between the husband and wife, but also between parents and children. Steve Kipande knows this too well. “This is a day we catch up and surprise each other with gifts,” he smiles.

The father of four meticulously plans activities for his family on this day. “We have family outings, mostly picnics and later, play games such as Monopoly and Snakes and Ladder,” Steve notes.

Steve and his wife Vianna Adhiambo and their children Ivy Zighe Kipande(13), Marion Aseyo Kipande (10), Marshall Kipande (7) and Trevor Baraka Kipande (one-and-a-half ) are a household that believes in fashion and music.

“We love our hobbies. Usually, we play a lot and that is probably what is unique about us,” he says. On Valentine’s Day, they dance, laugh and compete, quite literally. “You could say it is a day we sharpen our board game skills on each other as well as bond,” Vianna laughs.

Last year, Steve who also goes by the name Daddy Q went out of the way to please his family. “Last Valentine, I hired a cottage for my family in Diani Beach,” he reveals. The Kipandes had a lot of fun from swimming competitions to storytelling.

“The bottom line for us is to have a day where we can all be together. This is the day where everyone demands his/her cut from the other member of the family,” he adds. Seeing this year Valentine’s Day falls on a week day, Steve and his family have to adjust accordingly.

“Well, fortunately or unfortunately, we are planning to spend it differently this time because today is well within the week,” he says. He goes on to reveal that the family will still exchange gifts. “We are planning to visit Ivy and Marion in Eldoret where they are in boarding school.

Thereafter, we can have some family time indoors. Maybe, also help Marshall finish his song if time allows,” the proud father says. When they are not up to Valentine’s Day activities, their home runs on a normal schedule. He and his wife spend time together with their youngest children every evening.

“After I pick Marshall from school, I help him with his homework then go back to studio. But on weekends Trevor and Marshall prefer visiting my office,” he says. Whenever he can, Steve and his wife share business ideas with their children to nurture their entrepreneurship skills.

“They are all business minded and I hope they make amazing entrepreneurs in future,” he adds. They enjoy a good talk and like helping him at work. “Reeling back on videos we shot during our trips is something they love doing when they are not playing games. One thing I have learnt is that spending time with family is the best way to go,” he concludes.

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