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Reasons to change Valentine’s Day narrative

This is the only holiday that seems to have lost its meaning or probably has none at all. Valentine’s Day comes with an overrated fuss that people break their backs for and that should change, especially, for the following reasons, writes Cynthia Mukanzi

1. Distastefully commercialised

Millions of people are going to spend so much money on flowers, candy, cards and God-knows-what on this day that things cost twice the normal price. It has become a commercialised scheme that people blindly put up with.

2. Everybody assumes it’s about lovers

This day is not necessarily about people in relationships. It should be a celebration of loved ones and this could be family, friends or even pets. It’s not just a day for going out for dinner and having sex with your partner or a one night stand. These things can be done on any other day.

3. Materialistic

The saddest thing about February 14 is the pressure of materialistic expectations people dump on others. Some are never content with just spending time together but only feel good when their lovers buy gifts for them. No one should ever be with somebody who values material things over their time and company.

4. Not the only day to be ‘loved’

Anybody who knows their worth should never be with someone who doesn’t appreciate them. If a person never shows you love but picks a single day of the year to pull an act just because the whole world is doing it; run. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t change anything. Everyday should be a day to be loved and cared for. Whether it’s a spouse or friend, don’t allow them to fool you. If you are the type who pulls such stunts just stop it.

5. Elicits desperation in people

Again, knowing your worth is important. It empowers your self-esteem and understanding that you are enough and you don’t need anyone to make you feel good; not on this day or any other. Some people degrade themselves and will do anything to be with someone on this day just to fit in. It’s seeking validation in the wrong places.

6. Pretense is on the rise

Some people will actually go out on dates and buy gifts not because they want to. They feel need to participate in sham acts to avoid conflicts or just because their friends are doing it. In short they are not happy and can’t wait for it to be over.

7. Enforces gender stereotypes

Okay, if it’s about giving then it should be a two-way street. This notion held by some that men should be the ones pulling out all the cards to impress women in whatever capacity should cease. These are toxic stereotypical absurdities. Your partners are not your father or mother; so don’t give them that responsibility.

8. Nasty labels for the aloof

Another issue is that anyone who doesn’t find this day special is coined cold, lonely and bitter. This is just a day like any other and if somebody doesn’t see that extra glamour in it like you do, then it’s fine; you do you. If you want to worship the day then go ahead, but if your friend wants to stay in and binge on Netflix then let them do so.

9. Show off time

No doubt that some people only take great pleasure in this day only because they want to show off what beau did for them. This is when Insta stories and Facebook live are chokingly marred with ridiculous flaunting and gloating. Seriously, grow up!

10. Murky origin

This holiday has a weird historical origin that isn’t definite. Many stories surrounding this ancient date haven’t been proven to be factual. Some people believe that Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of a Roman priest, Valentine’s death or burial (around AD 270).

Others say Christians have been attempting to Christianise this day because it is a Roman pagan festivity that celebrates Lupercalia, a fertility festival. The theories go on. Perhaps people should not pay mind to this day at all until its true genesis is unearthed.

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