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Russian skier escapes horror crash with minor cuts and bruises

Pyeongchang, Tuesday @PeopleSports11

A Russian skier was left bloodied and bruised after a horror crash on the slopes of Pyeongchang. Pavel Trikhichev, 25, was the first victim of the wind that caused the first two days of downhill competition to be postponed.

Trikhichev, 25, can be seen hurtling down the slopes in the men’s alpine combined downhill—where competitors can reach up to 80mph—before going flying as he comes off one of the turns.

He then lands awkwardly with one of his skis snapping off of his foot before sliding down the hill with his head hitting the ground on the way down. Trikhichev—who was competing for the Olympic Athletes from Russia— then hits the netting on the side of the peak, contouring his body as he keeps sliding with no way of stopping.

The dramatic ordeal finally comes to an end as he becomes caught up in the netting on the side of the slopes. Trikhichev was taken to hospital but somehow managed to avoid serious injury, with just some cuts and bruises to show from the brutal fall.

Deputy head coach of Russian skiers Anastasia Popkova confirmed the skiier was doing OK after competition was delayed by 17 minutes. She said: “There are several bruises, he was sent to the hospital.

Now the examination is underway.” Marcel Hirscher of Austria won the event with his combined two-run time being 0.23 seconds faster than silver medalist Alexis Pinturault. -THE SUN

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