Portal to name, shame criminals in the works

Seth Onyango @SethManex

Criminals on the prowl will soon have their profiles posted on police websites to help the public identify and avoid them. It has emerged that Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DIC) is setting up a portal that will name and shame criminals as part of a new strategy to curb crime in the country.

Reports of plans to establish the portals came a few days after DCI boss George Kinoti issued new directives to investigate and curb crime and accused detectives and police divisions across the country of laziness and complacency.

The DCI head ordered County Criminal Investigation officers (CCIOs) and their Divisional Criminal Investigation counterparts (DCIOs) to reveal unresolved past serious crimes.

“The DCI has noted some lapse in the accountability of above cases in their reporting, submission, investigations and follow up,” said Kinoti. It appears that things will not be rosy for the detectives because the DCI report says that all CCIOs and DCIOs will be directly accountable for all robberies occurring within their areas of responsibility.

A directive was passed on February 6 seeking to restructure the timelines for investigations. According to the notice, every case that remains PUI (Pending Under Investigation) for more than six weeks will have to be accounted for by the respective CCIO and Regional Commander (RC). In addition, they will give an explanation as to why it has remained in that status for that period.

The RCs and CCIOs will also submit a duplicate file of the PUI case. The notice further warns: “Any DCIO or CCIO who will be found to have flouted or disregarded this directive will face serious administrative action.”

According to Kinoti, DCIOs and CCIOs found to be inefficient and incompetent will be redployed to either Regular Police or the Administration Police to undertake ordinary duties. Kinoti told People Daily the radical move will allow the public to see at a glance the worst offenders in their area, such as burglars, thugs and rapists.

He said the portal will be segmented based on the category of crime as well as the modus operandi synonymous with various notorious criminals in the country. Sections on the portal will include identified land brokers, conmen, rapists, members of criminal gangs and terrorists.

“This tool has been used in other countries and has been known to give members of the public heads-up and by extension preventing them from falling prey to criminals,” Kinoti said. Additionally, it has emerged

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