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Awkwardness around Valentine’s Day

I’ve always promised myself not talk about Valentine’s Day. But year in, year out, I just find myself writing about it and reminding myself that I’ll be avoiding the topic the next year. Denial, I finally figured out, it won’t hurt a soul if I give my 10 cents about the day anyway.

Well, Valentine’s Day is just that song always on replay. More like an overplayed song — You just want to make it stop. Consciously or not, we expect gifts on this day. We expect something magical, even when we know we are not attached.

Some of us will be forced to shop for things we didn’t want to buy. But as usual, nothing magical will happen, the disappointment? Only you can describe. Don’t get me wrong. I am all about romantic gestures of love. So no, I don’t hate Valentines.

I don’t mean showering gifts to loved ones is not worth the hustle. What I’m saying is that we do not have to feel obliged to show these acts of love on a specific day. Methinks Valentine is too much work. How else would you explain a guy going silent from 13th only to get a ‘Hi hun, how you be?’ on the 16th?

Guys please, it’s never that serious, however awkward a position the day puts you in, going silent makes you look worse than a coward. If you were on her vetting list, the results should be out by now, and trust me there won’t be anything to smile about. It’s not only awkward for you, it is for us too when we have to pretend to like whatever gift you brought us, you know!

This year whatever happens just don’t go silent on her, it’s lame. Do something while we try to figure out how to deal with this annoying day. Meanwhile, can we just drop this cliché altogether?

How about making it a day for rebuilding families. This Valentine’s Day, let’s give that suicidal husband/wife reason to live. Talk to these people in twisted unions so that before that man picks up a knife, machete or even matchstick to burn his family alive, he knows someone out there cares.

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