Assault victim fears for her life

Tom Rachuonyo @PeopleDailyKe

A woman whose hand was reportedly chopped off by her husband three weeks ago, has expressed fears that the man is likely to kill her if she goes back to her matrimonial home.

Maria Rioba Musa of Tarang’anya village in Kuria West, told journalists at the Ombo Mission Hospital that she will remain in hospital, even if the Sh42,000 pending hospital bill is cleared, until a secure place is found for her and her children.

She said her husband’s family had vowed not to allow her back, accusing her for causing trouble for their son, who is said to have fled to Tanzania to avoid police arrest.

The 50-year-old mother of nine was allegedly attacked by her husband Musa Gisiri three weeks ago after she arrived late from a relative’s funeral. Her daughter Catherine Ghati Musa said she feared her mother and her siblings were not safe.

Ombo Mission Hospital social worker Vincent Were said Rioba had recovered fully and she will be released once Sh42,000 pending bill is cleared. He called on well-wishers to find a safe place for the woman when she is discharged from the hospital.

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