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Artfully gifted – meet Trevor Nyambane

Tell us about yourself:

I am Trevor Nyambane, the last-born in a family of two siblings. I am eight years old and in Class Two at Bishua Care Centre in Satellite.

How did your journey as an artist start?

I started drawing when I was four years old, in pre-unit. Actually, it’s my mother who noticed I have an interest in drawing, when she found a piece I had drawn. My elder sister Kate Kerubo, who is now 18 years old, made sure I become better, because she is also a good artist.

How did your parents take it?

My mother has always been supportive. She decided to buy me a book and paint. Other than that, she helps me get some form of training.

At such a tender age, how did you think of taking up the talent?

I realised there is nothing I can do better than drawing, so I decided to perfect it.

How do you get your ideas for drawing?

Naturally, I am good at interpreting the environment. I observe what is going on in the environment and put it down in drawing. Also, anytime I feel bad about myself or upset, I get ideas. It’s like my way of relaxing and overcoming my emotions.

Tell us about training to develop your talent:

It’s quite difficult to get a trainer, however, my mother has arranged some monitoring with artist Ogendi Thomas, who is also my role model. He makes sure I send him pieces, which he stores in his gallery. Every other month, he has an expo where he invites us to showcase our art.

How did you meet Thomas?

He was once hosted on Citizen TV, and at the end of the interview, he shared his phone number for viewers to reach him. My mum contacted him, and after a couple of conversations, he agreed to be sending me pieces for training and also to be showcasing my pieces.

How do you balance school and drawing?

I go to school till 4pm, and when I get home, I attend to my homework then pick up drawing from where I left off the previous day. The good thing with drawing is, if you have the flow, it is easy to draw.

Do you want to continue drawing when you grow up?

Yes, I have always dreamt of becoming a great artist, and that’s why despite the difficulties my mum goes through to make sure I’m better at it, I have never given up.

What challenges do you face?

My challenges at the moment are not so major, and I have been trying to deal with them. While drawing, can you imagine what happens when you run out of pens and papers to continue? It’s really bad.

Have you ever made money out of your talent?

Yes, I draw pieces for my mum’s friends and workmates and they pay us. It’s not easy to get market though.

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