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SMEs can leverage on Valentine’s Day to curve a niche

Rose Muthoni @rosemuthoniN

The month of love is upon us and whether you consider Valentine’s Day another capitalist construct, or not, the day still come in its glamour. It is estimated that in 2017 alone, $18.9 billion (ShSh1.9 trillion) was spent celebrating the day of love.

That is a lot of money for just a day’s celebration. So whether you worship Saint Valentine, or you would rather chew off your arm than provide red gift wraps to your customers, the day of love is one still stands out. After all, Saint Valentine died for love, why shouldn’t you make a sacrifice for your clients? To make sure you partake of Valentine right, here are some tips.

Don’t go overboard

Try not to be overbearing. Small doses of Valentine surprises will do.

Show some love to your customers

Nothing beats a packet of chocolates after grocery shopping or a red rose at the entrance of your business. You can also show some love and commitment to your staff by extending a Valentines gift.

Run a Valentine’s-themed competition

Nothing gives an SME visibility like a good promotion. Why not try a love-themed competition with tantalising prizes at the end, maybe a candle-lit dinner for two, or a couple’s trip?

Gift wrapping

Pink and red ribbons may not be your thing but it may put a smile on the face of customers over the lifespan of your SME. You might even save that husband who totally forgets about Valentine from the wife’s scolding. This is not only an inexpensive and sweet way to show your customers you care, but can also go a long way to retain loyalty. Apply these tips and see your business reap from the Valentine’s curve.

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