Miguna vows to sue over illegal arrest

Irene Githinji @gitshee

National Super Alliance (Nasa) activist Miguna Miguna yesterday threatened to sue all parties responsible for the alleged breach of his privacy and unlawful arrest and detention.

Miguna, while addressing Kenyans who had met him at the airport on his arrival in Canada, vowed to teach all persons who had been involved in his six-sday tortuous ordeal a lesson. He said he would sue individuals and organisations for breaching his privacy by publishing and disseminating copies of his passports, images and that of his protected personal details without his consent.

“They should be prepared to face lawsuits for unlawful invasion of my privacy, personal space, sanctity and home; unlawful arrest and detention; torture and cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment, defamation of character, reputation and professional integrity and standing, wanton and willful destruction of personal property, illegal search of personal property, illegal search and seizure, and abrogation of numerous constitutional rights,” he said.

At the same time, Miguna maintained a hardline stance that he is still the ‘General’ of National Resistance Movement (NRM) despite being outlawed by the government. He criticised the decision to outlaw NRM saying it cannot be banned since it is a movement and unlike an association, it does not require registration. “I did not just leave Kenya, I was abducted and forced into a flight. I am still the General of NRM…

You cannot ban a movement, a movement is an idea its not an association, which requires registration. The association they have banned is Uganda’s NRM,” said Miguna. “For you to say a movement is a criminal organisation, you have to demonstrate that the purpose of the movement is criminal in nature and the members are also criminals.

None of us has committed crimes or has been convicted that we engage in criminal,” he said. He spoke at the airport upon arrival in Canada to a warm welcome. He was awaited by a number of men and women at Toronto Pearson International Airport and even presented with a flower bouquet. “Miguna Miguna how are you? Someone from the group asked.

To which Miguna responded: “I am tired, today I want to go and take a shower, I have not showered in the last six days or maybe seven. I need to hug my wife, children and then eat properly. I have not eaten for the last one week and then I can talk properly.

It is not easy to kill a revolutionary, they tried but they cannot.” Asked what he would like to say to President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and Interior Cabinet secretary, Fred Matiang’i over his ordeal, Miguna responded: “Come baby come,” to a resounding laughter. He also stated that the struggle has just begun and “we are solid as a granite, focused than a laser beam and they must be defeated… it is a question of time not about if or when it will happen.”

Miguna said the government is going ahead of itself, even as he questioned why they did not take him to court if there is any evidence of any wrongdoing. “Ask yourself the question, why not take me to court if you have the evidence after all you are the government…you have all the security resources, all money, power and weapons. They kept me in detention incommunicado.

How comes you cannot take me to court… it is because they cannot win, they cannot win on moral, political or intellectual or on any other ground,” said Miguna. He reiterated that the Constitution is clear on citizenship and no one can cancel or invalidate a citizenship by birth adding he can never renounce it.

“Luckily, Canada does not require anyone to renounce their citizenship before you pick the passport and remember I did not have a Kenyan passport when I travelled to Canada, they had withdrawn my passport in 1987…where did they expect me to be and how so I needed a passport since I was entitled to one. They are trying to restrict my movement, political activities, beliefs thoughts and association and I have said no, they will not succeed.”

Miguna was in slippers when he arrived at the airport and explained it was because his feet were swollen. The only luggage he had on his hands was a small carrier bag. He said the shoes served as his pillow in the few instances he slept while in detention. Miguna also clarified that he did not suffer from asthma attack as it had been reported. He was seeking treatment for pneumonia.

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