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Winner receives highest ever payout in Africa gaming history

Kenya’s sports betting scene yesterday announced the biggest winner so far. Betting giant SportPesa in a message revealed that the winner of the Mega Jackpot that has been rallying in the country since the last winner Samuel Abisai won Sh221 million, then Kenya’s biggest prize, last year.

In a message shared on various platforms, the betting behemoth announced: “SportPesa is proud to announce the #SportPesaMegaJackpot has been WON worth Sh230,742,881/= the BIGGEST amount ever in Kenya!!!

We have a winner! More to be revealed in the coming moments.” The announcement was met with excitement across the country with thousands reacting in typical Kenyan style. Two hours after the announcement, a speculative post on social media suggested that the winner had been found, though SportPesa are set to make the official announcement in an elaborate function this afternoon.

Despite being pre-emptive, the social media was abuzz with the winner’s identity and location, something that remained guarded in true Corporate Kenya mannerisms. This is the second time the Mega Jackpot has been won after Abisai’s windfall in May 2017.

Additional players also won bonus prizes pocketing different payouts which will be announced when the winners will be revealed. SportPesa runs the Mega Jackpot games every week, where punters try their luck at 17 weekend games and it will start over, again at Sh100 million with the amount increasing weekly until someone wins by correctly predicting the outcome those 17 games.

The winner predicted the outcome as was published from the public draw. “The amount has now been reset to Sh100,000,000,” the firm said in a statement yesterday.

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