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Distinctive housewarming treats

It is always good to have a gift in hand when visiting a friend’s new home. Regardless of what you decide to take with you, as Wambui Virginia found out, the gift should be practical, useful and one they will remember for days

1. Houseplant

Nothing is as welcoming and alive as a houseplant. Houseplants usually make the house homely. If you decide to carry a houseplant gift, know whether it’s meant for indoors or outdoors, especially if it is a flowering plant, just to avoid possible allergic reactions.

2. Vouchers

A lot of expense comes with moving houses and it can be overwhelming and costly. Gifting someone a voucher could save a great deal. Vouchers can be for shopping or food.

3. Artwork

Artworks are always unique, especially if you have them custom made. You can choose an art that the homeowner can relate to. They could be abstract, landscapes or portraits.

4. Bottle of wine

It’s a great idea to bring with you some wine to a house warming. However, get creative by having the bottle custom labelled. It can be engraved with the recipient’s name or their picture. If they are wine lovers, they will indeed love the treat.

5. Picture frame

It may not be so unique, but a picture frame could come in handy. If the homeowner is an artistic person, go for wood or bamboo frames. For a contemporary urban person, go for glass or metallic ones.

6. Coffee maker

This is for those who can’t do without coffee, and a lot of people love theirs in the morning. Go for an instant coffee-making machine that is easy and fast to use.

7. A gift basket

There is so much you can incorporate in a gift basket. You can put do-it-yourself (DIY) items like bangles and necklaces, bathing essentials or even assorted kitchen spices.

8. Scented candles

For something new and fresh, choose scented candles as gifts. Pick subtle colours and scents that are calm and will create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

9. Welcome mat

The main idea is to be creative and make a lasting impression. However, don’t just gift them a plain doormat; you can get custom made ones with a message or funny emojis. Not so boring either.

10. Couch blanket

You’ll always feel cozier and calmer by just looking at a cuddly throw blanket. These fluffy blankets come in handy during those movie nights.

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