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DJ Sadic one of Kenya’s top gospel deejays

DJ Sadic is one of Kenya’s top gospel deejays. While he’s good at his day-to-day job on the decks, his choice of dressing is stylish and fashionable. He speaks with Chebet Korir about his style

What do you think of as you get dressed in the morning?

Comfort. I also think of that unique or extra thing I can add to the day’s outfit such as accessories. I also consider the weather.

How does your style reveal your personality and lifestyle?

I pay close attention to details and I like to stand out in everything that I do, which is evident in my way of dressing.

In two words, how can you describe your style?

Bold and classic.

So, how does the wrong and right clothes affect the way one looks?

Clothes have a significant effect on yourself and it boosts your confidence too. Also, it influences how others perceive you. First impression matters.

What’s the biggest fashion mistake a man can make?

Over accessorising, especially when it comes to suits.

What five items does every man need in his wardrobe?

A wristwatch makes one look elegant; a good leather belt, preferably black or brown; white sneakers and a good cologne.

Dressing item that you often wear?


The most treasured item in your wardrobe?

My wristwatch.

One person you would ‘steal’ some wardrobe from and why?

Davidson Frere. Nothing but his outstanding suits.

What’s the most outrageous piece of fashion advice you have ever received?

That bright colours are not for classy men. I love bright colours, especially on a sunny day.

We should never catch you dead wearing?

Baggy outfits.

What is your style secret?

Being bold and trusting my instincts. It boosts my confidence.

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