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Mimi ni Mkenya

In campus there are two tribes…well if they can be called that.

1. Jab: These are the lucky students…no call them nerds, who got marks higher than the cut point and admission to campus.

2. SSP: The proud legion of rich kids who did not manage campus by virtue of grades, but by the fatness of their parents bank accounts. There are many differences between JAB and SSP guys Jab are at times referred to as double decker ninjas.

This is because they spend their campus life crawling up the double deckers in the crowded hostels. There are the unlucky ones who have to share their blood with bed-bugs.

Don’t underrate them though…they know how to get things down on those double deckers! On the other hand, SSP are the rich kids who live in fully furnished apartments. Some complete campus without even a clue where the hostels are!

While the rich SSP kids cook their own food in fully-furnished kitchens, the double decker ninjas are conversant with all the cheapest hotels around campus: and all meals that cost not more than Sh30.

I am told that in Multimedia University, the cheapest meal is ugali and cabbage 30 bob and so they christened it Jab veg. Double decker ninjas don’t need to transit to school because they live in school anyway, while SSP arrive every morning in their posh cars. Well there are some double decker ninjas who will complete campus without even knowing where the car park is.

Don’t blame them, these SSP kids don’t even know if their campus owns a bus! Any chick in campus is willing to dump her double decker ninja for a rich SSP soul. It’s simple.

A double decker ninja will take her to Odeon and buy her the 30 bob chips. With an SSP kid, she will be flown to Mara for the weekend, taken to fancy clothing stores and dine at fab establishments.

Ain’t no way a double decker ninja will do that. SSP kids demand money and it is immediately deposited in their accounts. JAB ninjas camp at Anniversary Towers waiting for Helb. When it comes, they take bae to a rugby event in Nakuru.

They burn holes in their accounts before even leaving thus dump the slay queen in Nax, causing an SSP to swoop in on his white horse for the rescue. SSP kids come from top layer private high schools with the tag “The Group of Schools”.

Most double decker ninjas come from god-forsaken village schools where National Anthem was sang as a praise and worship song during CU meetings. School’s whose name was an entire sentence; something like “Ntakiira Nthimbiiri day and night school for boys girls and the elderly who didn’t go to school; CDF funded, NGO sponsored, government promoted secondary school”. Ironically, these JAB people vote SSP kids as their leaders and expect these rich brats to “understand the rights and problems of a common student”.

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