Education bears brunt of Baringo insecurity

Judith Kemei @PeopleDailyKe

Education standards in Baringo county have dropped greatly because of insecurity and banditry.

In 2015, more than 20 schools were closed as residents fled the area. Some of the schools required reconstruction after the bandits vandalised the schools.

Last year, more than 30 schools were closed and learning paralysed for two terms.

Some of the schools where learning had been paralysed in Baringo North sub-county are Chepkewel, Kalabata, Yatia, Sibilo, Kapturo, Chemindany, Tilingwo, Kagir, Ng’aratuko, Kosile, Rormoch, Chepksin, Kamwetio, Chepkew, Barketiew and Moinonin while the worst hit in Baringo South sub-county include Arabal, Ruggus, Mukutani, Kasiela, Chebinyiny, Chemorong’yon, Ng’elecha and Kapindasum.

However, one school in Baringo South is yet to reopen after residents fled. Mukutani primary school pupils who  live in Eldume IDP camp are forced to take their studies in other schools.

According to Mukutani Primary School head teacher Zachary Mpakany, the schools face many challenges because of congestion. He added performance of pupils who sat national examination last year dropped because it took long for the pupils to adjust to their new environment.

However, teachers from other ethnic groups were deployed to Tiaty sub-county because  they relate well with members of the community.

According to Teachers Servive Commission (TSC), this might be the solution for the bandits stop killing teachers from communities they fight with.

In a span of three years, more than five teachers have been killed by bandits.  According to Kapropita Primary School head teacher Jonathan Chebet, the enmity between the warring communities has escalated to an extent where teachers teaching in Tiaty have run away fearing for their lives.

“Cattle rustling has affected learning. Teachers in the affected areas have run away but with the posting of new teachers, we hope things will change for the better,” said Chebet.

County Commissioner Peter Okwanyo said normalcy has returned to-no go zone areas across the county and schools are going on well expect Mukutani.  He added that security camps will remain even after the operation is over.

Knut Baringo branch executive secretary Joshua Cheptarus said cases of cattle rustling in some parts of Baringo South and Baringo North sub-counties have led to dismal performance in national examinations. He said people should return to their homes and closed schools reopened.

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