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January woes and survival tactics

With Faith Gachobe

Hurray! January is almost over. You see, January is the worst month. You are fat and broke from the holidays, paler than ever and you can’t even feel your face when you walk outside. Trouble is, this doesn’t apply for everybody. In fact, for some people, such as my friend Michelle, January makes her happy; she might be among the few people who starve over the holidays to enjoy January.

So, is it really a thing to skip holiday with family so you can be ‘bowling throughout of January? Why is it that people tend to use January as the SI (International System of Units) unit of broke while it is perhaps the only time you will hear people use the word poverty only to mean financially stressed.

According to my friend, January is normally her time to ‘shine’. It is the only time you will find her taking her friends out and footing bills if only to make the rest of us look like poor financial managers. This girl will go to an extent of paying her rent until March just so she proves a point.

Why would anyone want to forego the only time of year you can eat cabbage as your main meal without being called cheap or weird? Just because some people are constantly bowling doesn’t mean you are bad with money.

The only time people are allowed to think alike is over Christmas when spending money poorly and in January when complaining how poorly they spent their year’s savings in a spun of a week. One can still be boujie, but on a budget and what difference does it make if Michelle spends all of her money in January while the rest of us spent ours in December?

However, here is what I take seriously, there is something mysterious about being broke in January, everyone owes everyone money yet people manage to survive all the 700 days of this month. It is not necessarily provable, but it is profoundly humanising how we all manage to share, stay happy and always laugh of the ‘hard times’. If only such was the way of life every other day.

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