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Five beauty tricks to learn this new year

How you apply fragrance matters

If you’ve ever passed on buying a perfume you liked because you worried it would come on too strong, you need to know that it’s at times not the fragrance that’s too potent, but where you put it on.

Citrus and floral scents can be applied liberally all over, but with a richer exotic blend, stick to just a few discreet spots. Spritz it behind your ears, on the back of your neck, and the backs of your knees only. That way, you get to wear the scent in a subtle way.

Two lip colours together are better than one

I’ve raided many cosmetic aisles in search of my ideal bold lipstick, but I’m yet to find one with the right balance of warm and cool tones, but then, Leah, a make-up artist at Lintons, happened. She showed me an easy technique to customise my own hue using two shades of the same cream lipstick colour (matte formulas don’t work for this).

“Apply a vibrant orangey red on one lip and blob pink on the other,” she says. “Lightly press your lips together a few times to combine the two shades. You will be amazed by how pretty and flattering the colour will be, and you will have achieved your desired lip colour,” adds the make-up artist.

Concealer on eyelids to brighten up

For many women struggling with dark circles, concealer is the answer. Make-up artists suggest that putting concealer on the top lids as well is important. This is because many people have discolouration there, so dabbing it on your eyelids in addition to under your eyes helps you look awake and radiant.

DIY face mask to soothe sensitive skin

With this hot weather, the skin is prone to be quite sensitive. Mash a handful of blueberries and raspberries in a bowl, then stir in three tablespoons of Greek yoghurt. Spread the mixture on clean skin and let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse off with cold water.

Almond milk conditioner

Conditioner with almond milk is all the rage lately, for those who like to maintain healthy hair. Almond milk is rich in protein and vitamins, which help repair damaged dry hair, so you may want to slot it among your other routine conditioners.

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