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Tour at Wigot Gardens in Kisumu


For a long time, many hotels have hang on the cliché catchphrase ‘home away from home’. But Wigot Gardens in Kisumu was not just a home for me when I was on a holiday in the Western circuit recently.

Actually, I felt like I was at home, right there on my couch with nothing to worry about. Leave alone the common hustle and bustle awaiting to compensate on us in Njaanuary, my stay was without worry.

When I saw an advert and appealing photos on a social media platform, I consulted a few family members, including a close uncle who lives nearby. The uncle went ahead to talk about the exquisite sceneries, especially and interestingly, Wigot’s swimming pool.

Wigot Gardens cottages offer relaxation at its best.

I decided why don’t I just take some time and visit the place by myself. So, I embark on a long journey from Nairobi to Kisumu.

On my way, however, I was still battling with my thoughts, asking to myself whether the place would meet my expectations.

“Or should I just go visit my grandma and label it a holiday?” I asked myself. Six hours later, I was in Kisumu city.

Of course it wasn’t my first time in Nyanza, so I am quite familiar with the roads.

From Kisumu CBD you go through Kibuye market, then Kondele to Kisumu-Kakamega Road.

Then immediately after the Lake Basin Mall, you branch to your right into Mambo Leo on the Kisumu-Miwani Road. The hotel is 500 metres from the main road on Kajulu Hill.

I was mesmerised by the views the moment I got there. I immediately rush to the swimming pool just to confirm things are as I had been told. I find a 50-metre turquois beauty.

Sitting on the side of the hill, overlooking the rest of Nyanza, I felt so relaxed as a cooling afternoon breeze from Lake Victoria caressed me. In Dholuo, Wigot loosely translates to head of the hill.

The restaurant.

The literal meaning could be taken to mean that it is at the top of the Kajulu Hills. But then, you can also take that to mean it is the one that leads the hills of Kajulu.

I prefer the last one more because it seems so true. It’s a place that wears its name correctly. Up this way, I don’t know another spot in Nyanza I would have recommended without feeling like I have broken a commandment.

Behold came food time; you wouldn’t want to imagine how much I had been waiting for the tantalizing food to be served to fill up my hunger pangs. Maryland chicken served with French fries saved the day.

Oh, lest I forget, how about the relaxing private cottages roofed with Makuti?  Wouldn’t that be an awesome place to relax? This just makes you feel less hot and actually, you don’t have to toss and turn the entire night because of the humidity.

The following morning, I felt so replenished as I woke up to a beautiful aerial view of Kisumu city and Lake Victoria. In the evenings, there’s no better place to watch the sunset that Wigot. With the golden sunrays sinking deep in to the lake’s horizon, the scene can be so refreshing. I liked every bit of it.

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