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Nairobi Diaries’ power couple at loggerheads

Nairobi Diaries Reunion had a spectacular debut season, gathering the old and new cast members who spilt some tea, squawked and tugged on a few weaves. However, a few familiar faces were nowhere to be seen including the allegedly newest couple in town, Risper Faith and Brian Muiruri.

Rumour mill has it that Brian had been accused of infidelity on the show and was also eyeing another cast member in Pendo, who went ahead to share screenshots of their conversations on set.

This sparked a lot of drama during a recent episode of the show and the two were not present for the reunion, presumably to avoid confrontation from the cast members.

But there were rumours that the producer had fired them. However, the producer of the show, Janet Mwaluda, has since rubbished the rumours, saying that the two just decided not to show up.

“They are lovely people to work with, until now that the truth finally came out. I believe this is a reality show and display their day-to-day lives. They are also in no place of deciding whether to quit or not in between the season because they signed a contract.

If they are to come back on the show, however, there are excuses and behaviours I cannot condone,” she told PD Wikendi. When contacted, Pendo didn’t answer our calls, while Risper said before hanging up: “I can’t talk right now, call me some other time.”

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