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Budget places wine and dine

Payday is still a long way to go. Faith Kyomukama compiles a list of budget eateries that will help you get through the most depressing month of the year without breaking the bank for as low as Sh500

1. Finding Nemo

Greenview Restaurant in the Nairobi CBD is known for its scrumptious fish fingers. Not only is this restaurant renowned for its use of organic products, but it is also pocket-friendly. With Sh300, you get fish fingers with a choice of rice, pilau or fresh rice and a side of tartar sauce.

2. Street choma

Towards the back of Nairobi’s largest fresh vegetable market is a haven of nyama choma. City Park Hawkers with as low as Sh500 offer you mouth-watering fresh meat. Butchers will slice steaming pieces of meat for you to sample.

3. Soul food

On the first floor of the ever buzzing Jamia Mall lies one of the most affordable places you can have lunch in the CBD. A plate ranges from Sh100 to Sh300 on the higher side. They serve African cuisine from rice, pilau to chicken.

4. Shawarma

For Lebanese kind of meals such as the shawarma, you would probably want to dine at Big Knife on Monrovia Street. There is a student combo, which goes for Sh350. It comes with a shawarma, French fries and small soda and a combo menu that has the same, only the French fries are a large pack.

5. Healthy options

If your looking for salads and more healthy options you can check in into Subway on Moi Avenue and University Way. They have chicken salad and vegetable salads that go for Sh490. You can also have a turkey, chicken or meatball sub that range from Sh320 to Sh500.

6. Coffee on the go

Don’t let the name scare you, Java House offers affordable coffee options that goes for as low as Sh170.

7. Ice cream

What better way to cool off this January than by digging into some ice cream! And while some may argue ice cream is a luxury in January, what it comes down to is where you go to indulge in this guilty pleasure. Top on our list, Zucchini. Apart from groceries and dairy, you can get gelato ice cream.

A scoop goes for Sh150, and we’re not talking those laughable miniscule scoops — Zucchini fill up your tub all the way to the brim. They have branches at Junction Mall, Village Market and Garden City Mall. You can also hit fast food chain KFC, where you can get ice cream for as low as Sh100.

8. Cocktails

Every hour of January can be happy hour. All you need to know is where to get your poison. And before you say it, a cocktail doesn’t have to burn holes in your already depleted bank account. Check out Mist Club in the Nairobi CBD, and grab a cocktail as low as Sh400. From dawa to a screwdriver depending on what you wonna indulge in on a small budget.

9. Shooters

Mojos on Banda Street, a shooter goes as low as Sh100. We’re talking vodka, rum, teuquila, whisky, you name it.

10. Fast food

Life is better in a bucket, so make your way to KFC and dig into their legendary chicken. Finger licking doesn’t get better than the celebrated chain.

With Sh390, you can eat your heart out at their Streetwise two piecer (fries and two chicken pieces). You can also visit the famous Chicken Inn if you feel like some chicken and French fries, with a simple menu that has meal combos below Sh500. A two-piecer chicken and French fries goes for Sh300.

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