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Ways to fall in love with your job

Have you ever fallen out of love with your job? Some days seem to be getting longer while in others, you just wake up not excited about what you get to do. Chebet Korir shares how to get back a bit of that career sparkle

1. Strengthen your work friendships

Try and build better working relationships with your coworkers. After all, it’s the people at work who contribute the most to workplace satisfaction.

2. Communicate with your boss

Set up a time to check in with the boss and ask for some feedback. If there is anything at work that you are unsatisfied with, express your misgivings, but remember to keep it professional.

3. Take advantage of all benefits

Are you taking advantage of the compensation your job offers? Compensation is not just salary; think of it as all the perks that come along with work. These can make you view your job more positively.

4. Review your job description and resume

Pull out the resume that you used years ago to apply to your current position, dig out the cover letter you wrote and take some time to give it a good read. Then remember the person that was ecstatic to get the call back for an interview.

5. Focus on passion projects

Set aside those annoying tasks for a bit and focus on the projects at work that you’re passionate about. Additionally, it may be helpful for you to start a side project at home, so you’re channeling skills that you don’t get to use at work into something fun and productive, which will make you love your current job even more.

6. Take breaks

You should be taking a 20-minute break every hour, depending on what style works best with your schedule. You should also make sure you’re eating your meals away from your desk and spending at least one of your daily breaks taking a walk, which helps you get focused.

7. Change your attitude

Sometimes your attitude can channel your mood in the office towards an awkward direction. Complaining can become second nature, and you can lose sight of why you fell in love from the beginning.

8. Seek a confidant

In some cases when you feel that work has become unbearable, find a strong confidant who you can talk to. Of course it has to be someone you are close to and it’s someone you can trust.

9. Focus on what you give

One of the biggest mental roadblocks a lot of people have when they hate their job, is the belief that they are owed a great job or a great career. They look at everything work gives them. When you focus only on what your work offers you, it can make you hyper aware of what you don’t like about it, leading to chronic unhappiness. Instaed, focus on what you can give in return.

10. Control what you can

We let the day-to-day frustrations cloud the bigger purpose of why we took the job to begin with. Look at the big picture of what your company is doing and the part you play.

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