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Most expensive homes of famous footballers

Footballers like outdoing each other on the field of play. Nobody will have a problem with that because that is what they are paid to do. However, you will be surprised to realise that they use the same competitiveness when it comes to searching for a place to call home. Here are the most expensive ones.

1. David Beckham (Property value: Sh5.4b)

Reportedly worth £339m (Sh47 billion), Becks can have any home he wants. So, it’s no surprise that the former Man United star tops our list with his stunning London abode. Bought for an incredible £31.5m (Sh4.4 billion) in 2013, they added £8m (Sh8.1 billion) worth of refurbishment on to the property value over the next three years. It has eight bedrooms, two dressing rooms, a catwalk style runway fit for any fashionista, a playroom, gym, spa and a salon-style room.

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