Uhuru urged to name full Cabinet to end tension

Limuru MP Peter Mwathi has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to name his full cabinet to end political tension and speculation in the country. Mwathi said the debate on inclusion of front-line Opposition leaders in the cabinet would be a disappointment to Jubilee Party supporters. He asked Uhuru to only consider appointing leaders from the opposition zones, who supported his re-election.

“The President needs to include politicians who campaigned for him but not those who campaigned for the Opposition because they are the ones alleging that his victory was not legitimate,” he said.

Speaking on Friday at St Paul’s Primary School in Kabuku when he made impromptu visits to primary schools in the constituency, the law maker reiterated that Nasa leadership went to Supreme Court, to appeal the August 8 win, which ordered the repeat of the presidential poll that the President won.

“We know the people who made this country use a lot of money on the General Election and the repeat presidential poll,” he said, adding that leaders should give Uhuru ample time to constitute his Cabinet without causing unnecessary debates.

The debate over who should and who should not be in the new Cabinet arose when President Kenyatta named part of his proposed CSs a week ago. Mwathi was accompanied by area assistant county commissioner Mary Njuguna and the newly selected CDF committee.

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