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Crucial pointers you might be too stressed out

After a long December holiday characterised by a lot of fun, overspending and intemperance, January is here and most people are trying to adjust to the demands of the new year ranging from paying bills, settling debts that they may have incurred during the festive season and to top it all, it is back to school and parents must juggle to pay school fees, shop for their children as well as adjust to the hustle and bustle of reporting back to work. Here are 10 indicators you could be too stressed as a result

Judy Akuma

1. Severe headaches

Severe and often sudden headaches can be a sign that one is stressed and you may feel a sharp pain or a tightening pressure either on the forehead or in the sides of the head and at the back of the head.

One may also feel tenderness in the neck and shoulder muscles. To contain the headaches, take a painkiller and plenty of water, exercise and distract yourself from situations that may cause stress by taking and having enough rest.

2. Insomnia

Stress may manifest itself in the inability to sleep. Apart from experiencing difficulty in falling and staying asleep, a person with insomnia often wakes up very early feeling tired and sleepy during the day.

In order to manage insomnia, establish a bed time routine whereby you go to bed at a specific time and wake up at a set regular time, take a warm shower before going to sleep to help you sleep feeling fresh and relaxed and try natural remedies such as herbal chamomile tea before bedtime.

3. Chronic fatigue

Stress may make one feel tired, emotionally depleted and exhausted. To regain some energy, you need to eat a heavy balanced breakfast and take a lot of energy drinks but avoid caffeinated drinks and fatty foods. Also take plenty of rest.

4. Cracked lips

Dry and often cracked lips may indicate that you are stressed. Try taking plenty of vitamin B especially vitamin B6 which is important for the health of the nervous system. Taking water regularly can also remedy the lips from cracking. Also apply some oil or lip balm frequently to soften the lips.

5. Jaw grinding

Stress can manifest in clamping of jaws and grinding of teeth. To avoid this, one needs to embrace a busy lifestyle to avoid too much free time for the brain to wander in thought. Try taking some jaw breakers or pop corn to exercise your jaws and avoid clamping.

6. Constipation and diarrhoea

Our bowel movement can be affected by stress hence the resultant constipation and diarrhoea. Try taking easily digestive foods, high fibre foods and foods rich in magnesium minerals to help calm the nervous system for normal digestion to take place.

7. Irritability

Stressed persons often become easily irritated and become upset and angry at the simplest things. Try avoiding situations or people who make you angry and venture into something you enjoy like listening to soothing music.

8. Poor or non-performance at work

Lack of productivity and poor performance despite working for long hours will be manifested. A person becomes less productive than he/she once was and no matter the effort, the output drops significantly. Redirecting one’s energy to more specific projects may help regain focus.

9. Forgetfulness, low concentration

When one has so many thoughts, the mind becomes disturbed often leading to lack of attention and forgetfulness. It becomes difficult to grasp even simple instructs. To control this, avoid distractions, try taking breaks in between your normal schedules, stay calm and avoid multitasking.

10. Loss of appetite

Lack of appetite is very common when one is under stress. Often one lacks the urge to eat due to too many thoughts. Even when hungry, one is unable to eat properly. Try taking snacks more frequently and take small portions of meals frequently instead of one main meal.

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