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Upclose with House of Lungula’s Langiri

Gerald Langiri is a casting director, talk show host and an award-winning actor famously known for his role in the hilarious comedy House of Lungula. His wife Lyne Jumba lets us into his life, their relationship and his newest role as a father

Evelyn Makena @evenmake_g

How did you meet?

We met on Facebook in 2008 and started dating. He proposed in 2013.

Tell a little bit about him

He was born and brought up in Mombasa. When he was a teenager, he moved to Nairobi along with his mother and sisters. He studied Information Technology at the Institute of Advanced Technology for three years and then The University of Huddersfield in the UK for one year.

He has worked at Future Kenya, an Information Technology Solutions Company and when I met him he was working as an IT specialist at Flashcom Telecommunication Company. All along he was very passionate about acting and at some point he quit his job to pursue acting full-time. Besides acting, he is also a blogger, movie director and producer.

He recently became a father, how is he handling parenthood?

He is an amazing father. Gerald is basically my rock. I am more of the emotional type and when I get overwhelmed by situations he steps in and takes charge. When the baby falls sick and I am an emotional wreck, he takes good care of both of us. He is handling his fatherhood role very well and doesn’t mind changing diapers once in a while (Laughs).

Describe him in four words

Amazing, funny, driven and a loyal man.

What qualities do you admire about him?

He makes me laugh, is very romantic, hardworking, a man of his word and brutally honest.

How does he handle publicity?

Gerald has remained humble despite being in the limelight. He has kept away from drama which is largely attributable to his personality. He remains humble and freely interacts with people who recognise him. At times he gets shocked that people recognise him.

How does his schedule affect the family?

For him, family still comes first regardless of how busy he might be. At times, he is really busy juggling the different roles, which is quite understandable. But he always creates time for our son and I despite his busy schedule.

What’s the most romantic thing he has done for you?

He has done many romantic things but the proposal really stood out for me. It was during the premiere of House of Lungula held at Century Cinemax, Nairobi. I had accompanied him for the event to offer him support and so the proposal caught me unawares. The bold move to propose in front of all those people was really romantic.

What do you do for him on special days?

Normally, we just go away on a vacation outside Nairobi and spend time together. Most of the time we just prefer ‘us time’. What does he do to unwind? He likes staying indoors listening to music and watching movies. Gerald also loves dancing.

Of all the films he has acted or directed, which is your favourite?

His role as Harrison in House of Lungula stands out to date. He was so hilarious. I also still laugh when I remember his humour when he was hosting his web series ‘In the Forest’. Every other role he plays as a funny character really comes out well because he is generally humorous.

What is one of his weaknesses?

He cannot sing. We sail on the same boat on that. We enjoy singing off-tune just to be silly.

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