Body of Briton had bruises, inquest told

The body of the British aristocrat Lord Nicholas Monson’s son had several bruises when it was moved to Pandya mortuary for preservation, an ongoing inquest into his death heard yesterday.

Sergeant Stephen Lemai, an officer attached to the Directorate Criminal Investigations said he was tasked with taking photos of the body of Alexander Monson. He said the body had bruises on both the left and right elbow as well as on the palm of the left arm.

The officer was called to take pictures of the body after it was moved from the Palm Beach Hospital in Diani, where the Briton was taken after being found unconscious in a police cell. Lemai produced several photos, marked as evidence, of the deceased body taken on May 22, 2012.

“I was supposed to take photos of the body and I focused more on parts which seemed to have bruises which we wanted to establish what had caused them,” he said.

Monson, who was living with his mother in their Diani home in Diani was arrested by the police for allegedly smoking bhang on his way home from a night out with friends on May 18, 2012.

He was taken to the police station only to be found unconscious in the cells the next day. A postmortem revealed he died from blunt force blow to the head. Hearing resumes tomorrow

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