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Ways to liven up your drab January

With all the fun and excitement of Christmas gone, January can be a bit of a drag that seems to last 45 days. However, there’s plenty to do and adventures to try out to make the drab month a little more lively, writes Wambui Virginia

1. Attend a live music performance

New year comes with another year of live music. After all the hangover from the holiday outings has worn off, try beat the January blues by attending some live music performances. You can find them at popular hangout joints such as J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen, Nyama Mama or The Alchemist.

2. Get outdoors

It’s time to go out for that movie, nature photography, biking or that hiking experience that you’ve been yearning for.

3. Try something new, exciting

Forsake the old habits. It’s best to be psyched up for something new. There are various activities that one can learn. Take dancing lessons, learn how to skate or do piano lessons… Striking that bell can relieve you of regrets and bad memories of the past year.

4. Take advantage of discount purchases

With the holidays over, there are lots of activities that come with January. Many stores will try capturing their customers through discounts. Well, this may be the perfect time to purchase things. For instance, most gyms know people want to cut the extra weight after Christmas, so they discount their gym membership fees.

5. Picnic at the park

January is usually a hot month; so, take advantage of the sunshine at the recently renovated picnic area at Karura Forest. It offers grassy knoll steps from the entrance with views of the indigenous trees. It is also a prime spot to explore.

6. Off-peak vacations and cruises

We all know that most people could not afford to travel during the festive season. So, make use of the off-peak deals where prices are slashed by half. You will be amazed at how low you can spend at a coastal resort in January.

7. Theme night-outs

Most clubs in the city have theme nights, where everyday they offer different activities. If you love karaoke, reggae or hip-hop, you can choose whichever day and a nightclub that suits you best. Theme nights also come with a dress code. The good thing is that theme nights come with a lot of discounts, especially on drinks.

8. Start a new hobby

New year, new me! How about getting a new hobby then? Finding a hobby can also be about unleashing a new creative side of yourself and finding a passion that you never knew you had. It could also be the beginning of a lot more as that hobby could turn into a lucrative venture.

9. Upgrade your wardrobe

With every New Year, there’s always a need to change an aspect of your life. One way could be refreshing your wardrobe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be clothes, but you can try a new colour, bold jewellery to accessories or new shoes. Trust me, you will look put together, even if you’re not.

10. Get a new playlist

Music might mean the difference between a good day and a bad one. Hit the Internet, you’ll be surprised the number of talented artistes you’ll come across. PS, I recommend listening to Grace VanderWaal. The America Got Talent winner is mind-blowing.

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