Motorsport winners to be feted at KMSF Gala

All motorsports champions in 2017 will be feted for their achievements during the Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) Awards Gala night on January 20.

KMSF General Manager Mwaura Njuguna said the venue of the event will be decided in due course.

Among those who will be feted for their achievements are Leonardo Varese (pictured) and Kigondu Kareithi who became the first ever Formula Two Crew to complete a 2WD and KNRC Division Two double. Also to be rewarded is Shivam Vinayak and Ross Field who won the Rally Raid bike and car class titles.

The crowning moment of the occasion will be feting the Motor Sports Personality of the Year 2017.

This award has been won by big names including Vic Preston Snr, Vic Preston Jnr, Ian Duncan, Baldev Chager and Azar Anwar, among others.

Muaura said an online nomination process is underway and the panel of awards which include retired Rally ace Paul Bailey and Raju Chana are working on the awards.

Among those expected to be feted are Manvir Baryan who won the FIA African Rally Championship after winning four rallies in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia as well as two KNRC rounds in Mombasa and Kajiado.

Leonardo Varese and Kigondu Kareithi, amiably referred to as “Leo and KV” in racing circles, will be rewarded for their exploits in the season. Leo and KV hope to participate in a few regional based rounds of the FIA African Rally Championship. The duo were classmates back in the 1990s at Brookhouse School which incidentally served as the last checkpoint of the WRC Safari Rally before KICC.

“We will tackle three rounds of the 2018 FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda,” said Leo who has 18 2WD career class wins to his name.

In the 2017 season, Leo racked up a rare double in the KNRC Division 2 and 2WD titles. “No Two Wheel driver has ever achieved this rare double. Dennis Mwenda and Asad Khan Kalulu achieved the Division Two in homologated Group N Subaru and Mitsubishi respectively and I don’t see any other driver from 2WD achieving this double,” said Leo.

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