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Meet Ben Mwala, Chairman – Skyline Owners Club

WHO: Ben Mwala,
Chairman – Skyline Owners Club,
Head of IT – KBC
CAR: Nissan Skyline 250GT 2008 – Type P

What attracted you to this car?

Well, actually I was in the market for a Mercedes C200. My wife came home one day and told me there was a car she’d seen and really liked. She didn’t know the model, but had seen the logo and it was a Nissan.

So, I came across the Skyline GT, but I didn’t know anything about it. I knew of the Skyline GTR, Godzilla, but hadn’t heard of this one. So, I did my research and test drive and I was blown away by its performance. The budget is lower, but it takes out the C200 like a sniper.

So what do you love about it?

There are three types of the Skyline GT. Mine is known as the Type P. In contrast to the sporty-leaning Type S and the base model Type V, the Type P leans towards luxury. I fall in love with it every time I drive, but especially when we go for our club runs.

The five-speed transmission is tops and the whole experience is simply sublime over a distance. It comes with heated memory seats to make it all the more enjoyable. It endures long journeys well, as we normally do some mini-runs to Naivasha, Longonot and Kitui.

We went to Isiolo and Marsabit in September last year, where a few Mercedes Benzes joined us. And when we got back, all the Mercs had check engine lights and none of the Skylines did. Plus even when you are really pushing it, it’s so composed you don’t really feel it.

Any drawbacks?

I missed out on the sky-roof that some models came with. The car feels very powerful, but has its top speed limited to 190kph. This comes from the Japanese Domestic Market, which sets these limits.

It’s unfortunate because the C200, coming from Germany is pegged at 260kph, and yet you can’t compare its performance with the Skyline. That’s the major downside. Then there are the boots.

For some reason, all Skyline boots have to be banged to shut. It’s really annoying whenever you drive into a building and the guards want to have a look in the boot. You end up banging the boot a lot. I wish they’d have done something about that. Apart from that, it’s pretty much perfect.

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