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Couple: Catherine Kyalo – Rutto and Roy Rutto Date : 4th November 2017 Venue: Ol Arabel Ground, Kigwa Rd. How did you meet? We met at Strathmore University — a friend introduced us.


How long did you date?

Officially, from August 9, 2012. Roy proposed on September 2016.

How was the proposal?

It was a pleasant surprise; full of love and friendship. We were at Pampa Churascaria in Lavington.

How was the process of planning your wedding? Did you involve a planner or did you have a committee?

We had about a year to plan the wedding. The process was full of grace. By June, we had settled on all suppliers. We did not involve a planner. However, we had an amazing team of friends who helped with the big day preps.

Did your wedding day turn out the way you envisioned?

Yes, it was a joyful day. I didn’t want to have expectations and get disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything worked okay. We experienced some delays at Karura Photoshop for about an hour. We had to wait for a guide. And our bus got stuck.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

When I saw my mum in the morning, I broke down. She was so strong and that gave me strength. When I was walking down the aisle and saw Roy smiling, I cried. Once, I was done with the vows, phew! Talk to us about your wedding theme. I wanted a quiet colour, and luckily for me, rose is exactly that. I’ve always wanted a rose wedding from the time I was a small girl.

Challenges you faced during and after the wedding.

A week before the wedding, Roy had to travel for a week. It was crazy because he always has everything figured out for the two of us. After the wedding, our flight to Bangkok got rescheduled. It was a bit unexpected and made us anxious, but everything worked out OK.

How did you choose your wedding suppliers?

We spent some good amount of time on online research. We also attended Samantha’s Bridal Expo. Most of all we wanted people with a good reputation, well-known in the industry just for our peace of mind. They all delivered.

How did you choose your bridesmaids?

My twin sister had to be my best maid — we have shared so much. I am sure she’ll forever have my back no matter what. She is crazy and painfully truthful sometimes and I love her to bits. I also wanted to have girls who I would run to when I have issues and they’d have my back.

Advice to couples

Purpose to have fun during your wedding no matter what. Leave things in the hands of God and move on. Have fun during the wedding planning period. Expect to disagree a lot, but choose your battles.

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