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Nyama nyama

It’s not the festive season if there is no nyama as Chef Katana Mramba of Bofa Beach Resort in Kilifi intimated. And while the holidays may be over, the memories of getting behind the kitchen with a master in his craft echo shutting out the mundaness of January.

What was on the menu? A goat platter special of course. “It’s an easy meal to whip up…,” reveals chef Katana. “All you need is some boiled meat, veggies and deep fried potatoes. Defrost the meat and dice it to sizable pieces alongside the veggies.

I’ll be using some cabbage, green pepper, carrots and onions in my platter. It comes down to personal preference really,” he says merrily. Chef Katana then goes ahead to cook the meat adding the veggies as he goes along.

As the food cooks, he deep fried some potatoes on the side and as soon as the vegetables are ready, he tosses the potatoes to the cooking pot. “I am a lover of spice, so I will add a little bit for flavour,” he reveals as he gives the food a nice stir.”

With every passing second, the aroma fills the room and you can’t help but breath it in. As soon as the food hits the plated, my partner in crime and I dig in. “One kilogramme of meat serves four,” he adds as we shamelessly lick the flavour off our hands and ask for seconds.

• One kilogram of meat (boiled)
• Cabbage
• Green pepper
• Carrots
• Onions
• Potatoes

Fried meat.

• Dice the meat
• Heat the cooking pot and add oil
• Add onions and salt
• Add the meat
• Add the already diced carrots and green pepper
• Meanwhile, deep fry the potato slices
• Add the cabbage and some vinegar
• Add the deep fried potatoes
• Give it three minutes
• Serve and garnish as desired
• Serve while hot!
• Can be accompanied by greens

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