Killer Pipeline building awakens agencies into action

The multi-secretorial Committee on Unsafe Buildings and Structures is now targeting developers constructing buildings in unsafe areas. Headed by Lands ministry director of Building Inspectorate in charge of quality Moses Nyakiongora, the committee issued an ultimatum and conditions private developers must observe before erecting buildings and other structures.

Accompanied by National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) deputy director Pius Maasai on a tour of the site where two people were killed and six others injured in a demolition-gone awry in Embakasi, he cautioned developers against constructing on riparian land, road reserves and way leaves for high Voltage power lines.

“Developers and property owners are advised to consider safety of all and environment prior to demolition of any building or structure and use professionals in demolition,” he said.

Encroachment on way-leaves coupled by illegal electric connection is rampant in informal settlements. “Owners of unsafe buildings must plan with relevant authorities to bring them down after evacuating the affected population. Safety for all can not be compromised at all and everyone must be responsible,” Maasai added.

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