Kwale residents protest ‘payments for dry taps’

Kwale town residents have criticized Kwale Water and Sewerage Company (Kwawasco) for billing them for non-existent water. Led by Abdallah Mwatenye, they said taps have been dry for the last three months and accused the company of failing in its duty to provide clean water to residents.

“Kwawasco has failed in its mandate of delivering clean water to the people of Kwale. We have not had water since October and here they are bringing us water bills every month,” another resident, Juma Hamadi said.

He asked Governor Salim Mvurya to intervene saying that they risk contracting diseases. “We are relying on ponds water for drinking yet it is not treated. Please our governor, come to our aid as we are suffering,” said Mwanamisi Omari.

The price of water from vendors has also risen with a 20-litre jerrican now going for Sh100. However, Kwawasco technical manager Swalehe Chidzuga said that they will settle the issue which is caused by power shortage.

He asked the residents to be patient. “KPLC disconnects power as we owe them. We are struggling to settle the bill with them and we assure all our customers that water will be restored soon,” he said.

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