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Ways to cleanse after the holiday indulgence

Now that the holidays have come and gone, food-and-alcohol-related remorse is setting in for many of us. But Sandra Wekesa and Judy Akuma offer 10 things you can do for your body to speed recovery from the ill effects of overindulgence as you step into the new year

Drink lots of fluids

The human body needs water to function normally. Water is best for staying hydrated hence it is advisable to begin each day with a big glass of water. Make it warm or add some lemon or lime to taste.

Drinking water especially in the morning is one of the safest, healthiest ways to detox the body. When you take a lot of fluids, you will feel satiated, leading to weight loss from over-eating often when you feel hungry.

Upgrade the quality of your meals

Let’s start with the basics, a good detox plan should be long-lasting, which means change of meals is compulsory. Shy away from simple carbohydrates such as pasta, cereal and rice, and go for fiber-rich, complex carbs like lentils and veggies. Be sure to get adequate amounts of protein from sources like chicken. Snack on small portions of nuts and fruits. And stay away from sugary treats.

Try ginger or peppermint tea

If you’re feeling grumpy or you might be having indigestion problems, ginger or peppermint is your go-to option. The brews are considered antispasmodic, meaning they help relax the muscles in your digestive system and allow gas to pass through more easily.

Magnesium supplements

Magnesium supplements have been linked to a number of benefits including fighting inflammation, relieving constipation and lowering blood pressure. Eating foods high in magnesium such as nuts, whole grain cereals, beans and other minerals can help prevent high blood pressure especially in people with prehypertension as well as reduce asthma attacks.

It also helps treat sleep problems and insomnia hence taking magnesium supplements before going to sleep can also help achieve deep and restful sleep needed for the normal functioning of the body.


We all have exercising as our new year’s resolution list. Exercise helps in a lot of ways including burning calories and also in increasing metabolism rate. The moment you feel like you have been cheating on your body, it is good to get back to treating yourself with a little bit of running and walking to help draw you back to your desired body.

Sweat it out in a sauna

We all have lazy days, well especially after a long holiday going to the gym wouldn’t be an option. However you can think of sweating out proves effectiveness in flushing out toxins, improving your circulation and help you relax and de-stress. It also plays a major role in improving your complexion and also get rid of puffy eyes.

Avoid acidic foods

Foodstuff with a lot of spices, fried foods, carbonated drinks and artificial fruit juice should be avoided as they can irritate the stomach and may lead to gastritis and unnecessary weight gain due to their high acid content. To control the acid level intake, eat foods with low acidity or more alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables as well as take high-fibre foods such as apples and oatmeal; low fat foods such as fish and chicken and avoid caffeinated drinks.


Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is important as it allows the body to get the extra rest it requires in order to redirect energy to the body’s system. Sleeping at least eight hours each night helps regain lost energy during the day as it refreshes the mind. Having plenty of sleep is healthy as it helps heal and repair the heart and blood vessels.

Skip a meal

If you are waking up still feeling stuffed from last night’s feast, you’ll want to consider a short-term fast. Depending on your level of excess, try skipping breakfast or breakfast and lunch. If you decide on a short fast, listen to your body. If you feel shaky, dizzy, or weak, these could be symptoms of low blood sugar. If you’re simply tired and groggy, it’s probably a food hangover.

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