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Cheers to a better year, 2018!

So we made it to 2018! Happy New Year people! It almost seems as though 2017 slipped right underneath us, right? We almost didn’t do anything at all! Several times I felt guilty, receiving a salary I had hardly worked for.

For the most part, we watched people lose their jobs and companies get shut down. We counted losses and much as we sent out our few invoices, we were made to wait until the end of the year if we were to get any returns. Life was tough and we all are quite relieved to be here, in a new year, free from the shackles of politics, tension and dark days.

Making the most of this year

I am on my final lap in this pregnant journey and I plan to work until my waters break. Trouble is, I am due smack in the middle of the month unlike my previous December bliss experiences. Anything could happen while I am 40 kilometres away from home.

After losing jobs twice last year, hubby decided to try out something new. I feel it’s about time, especially since he will be flexible and around when I need him at home.

We have decided to go for online writing and as soon as baby comes, investing in a reliable home Internet plan and a good computer shall be our next endeavour. I may also get into it, depending on how much time I manage to spare and if it works, then this year will most certainly be one different and busy one!

What to look forward to?

The children are not excited about going back to school. The only two things they seem thrilled about is going into new classes and knowing baby will be coming home this month. The latter steals the show.

Raine is already making plans of carrying the newborn into her class, co-sleeping and being the official best friend. Pesh has more mature plans. She promises to help bathe the baby and stay in charge when I go back to work. Looks like I will have a lot of help this time around. Ain’t I one lucky mommy! Well, enough of me, wishing you a blessed New Year.

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