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Reasons you shouldn’t make resolutions

New year, new me! It’s that time of the year where millions of people get an epiphany that they need to change something about their livelihoods. They take out a pen and paper and come up with a foolproof plan to making the New Year better. Unfortunately, it is all a facade, writes Grace Wachira

1. It’s cliché

You want to be different and get things going yet you have resorted to doing what everyone else is doing, making resolutions. Sounds kind of lame for someone who hopes to stand out. Stand down and lower your pen.

2. You won’t stick to them

Let’s face it, a couple of goal-oriented chaps will enrol for the gym, shed carbs, go off social media, decide to lose a few friends and the likes. These resolutions will quickly disappear once you’re asked to link up for drinks. Sad!

3. Some are costly and it’s dry January

New Year, new clothes, new phone, job, car, dream house … How about you make some money first then make the necessary changes!

4. A decision is better than a resolution

It’s a facade; you’re still the same person. Instead of making the resolutions, make deliberate decisions. Decide to adopt a good habit and work yourself into a better person. That way, you’ll see they’ll be no need to jot down unachievable resolutions.

5. You can’t map out a whole year in one day

You absolutely can’t! Every day you wake up to new possibilities and opportunities. This is something you could have never seen when you made your list. You might land a job that requires you to travel as opposed to the resolve to spend more time with the family.

6. They are made in the heat of the moment

Isn’t this truth! They are never made after a lot of self-deliberations. If you must make them, be cool about it and make them with lots of logic. Remember to key in reality otherwise they will be just but wishes.

7. Change is gradual

Resolutions don’t take effect in a snap. It is not magic. Making the resolution is one step on the endless staircase flight. You need to ease into all the points you noted.

8. They box your flow

Will you turn down an opportunity to go back to school because your resolve states that it is time to get your career going? Or not own a house because you wanted to build one? The resolutions will act like speed bumps and make your road to the new and improved you quite unpleasant. Aye to rocky currents.

9. Life is shaped everyday

Not on a piece of paper like a house-drawing. You make life what it is everyday. If you are not cut out to changing and becoming a better version of yourself, step away from the resolution desk. Resolve to shape your everyday just as you’d want.

10. Learn from 2017

Change your attitude. Not everything that happened last year was bad. You should build on the previous year’s failures and get yourself to the next level. Learn, get up and move on.

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