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Christmas came and went and the New Year is upon us. After all the celebrations and indulgence I am sure most of us are nursing the mother of all hangovers and of course other festive excesses such as gift wrappers. You don’t have to trash those as they can be used to make glamorous streamers for your home.

You’ll need:

Leftover Christmas cards

Spray paint Wrapping paper

Adjustable circle cutter

Hole punch Jump rings

Synthetic strand Thumbtack

Step 1: Spray pieces of cards with spray paint on both sides; cover with wrapping paper.

Step 2: Cut out graduated circles from wrapped card pieces using an adjustable circle cutter (either two to six inches in diameter).

Step 3: Punch a hole at the top and bottom of circles, except smallest one. For the smallest circle, make a hole at the top. Connect circles using jump rings, placing the largest circle at top and smallest at the bottom. Repeat process to make more streamers. Use your synthetic strand and a thumbtack to hang each streamer from your ceiling. Happy New Year!

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