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New Year’s resolutions for couples

Waithera Otieno @loveNlust69

Making New Year’s resolutions together is fun and effective because you have an accountability partner. The fact that you will have some shared goals for the year can work for you as an individual. It can also bring you closer as a couple.

If your sexy time has been neglected, this would be a good time to make it a priority. Having quality and quantity lovemaking sessions makes your relationship stronger and healthier.

Agree on the frequency of your intimate moments and infuse some new ideas into these sessions, to make it more interesting. Treat each other better than you treat your friends. Be kinder, gentler and more thoughtful and forgiving towards your partner in the New Year. Sometimes we find ourselves being nice to other people and forget to be nice to our lovers.

We assume that just like family, they will be with us through thick and thin, and so we are not usually in our best behaviour in their presence. This is not fair to them. We need to give the best part of ourselves to our sweethearts because they play a significant role in our lives. Treat your lover as you would, a best friend. Focus on the positive traits in each other.

Criticise each other less and praise each other more. Communicate openly and respectfully with each other. Forgive old hurts and fight fair. Not every small disagreement is worth a fully fledged fight. Break unhealthy habits together.

Limit or stop a smoking habit. If you drink too much alcohol or over indulge in junk food, encourage each other to limit your consumption of these items. Adapt healthier habits together. Eat healthier foods. Exercise frequently. Save and invest your money. In the new year, play together more.

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