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Intriguing midfielder- meet Darryl Mwangi Kahuthu

Tell us about yourself

My name is Darryl Mwangi Kahuthu, I am eight years old and I go to ACK St Luke’s Academy, Umoja 1. I am in Class One and I play soccer. Currently, I am playing with Cheza Sports Under Nine football team.

You received a sponsorship to train on Cheza Football Academy. Tell us more about this deal

Cheza Sports Football Academy has a yearly sponsorship programme where they support one child talented in football, mostly under privileged ones. But, in my case, the coaches chose me for the programme last year because they said they saw something special in me that intrigued them, and that they would like to work with me. I was glad to be the chosen one, because being in Cheza Sports Academy so far has been the best experience ever for me. I’m hoping to go professional when I’m old enough.

How did you become interested in football?

When I was little, I used to watch football matches with my father, but I didn’t know that one day I would be interested in it. When I turned four years, the interest grew and that is when I started playing.

Which positions are you currently playing and which do you prefer?

I am a midfielder, but I have also played striker previously. I love and prefer being a midfielder.

How do you balance school and soccer and what is your training schedule like?

I usually go for practice during weekends and school holidays only. When school opens, soccer practice is only for weekends from morning to afternoon, then during holidays, we go for practice on a daily basis.

Which sports icon or role model has influenced you the most?

Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. (Chucklkes) I can’t choose because I love them both, and one day I’m going to be like them.

Do you have a favourite professional football team?

Yes, Manchester United. Advice to other children who wish to play professional soccer? Always believe in yourself, and pray every day, then the rest will follow.

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