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Rib-cracking nganya Sacco names

Sometimes I think Kenya has the most PSV Saccos in Africa, and they come with all kinds of names; some very ridiculous others just comical. Some are pretty obvious and you can tell, which route they belong to, but others are plain funny and weird. Here are some of the most ridiculous Sacco names that never cease to catch the eye.

INDIMANJE: Seriously, this is a funny one. This Sacco represents nganyas that ply Industrial Area-Imara Daima-Mukuru kwa Njenga routes. NAKAMATA: No matter how many times you see this on a nganya, it never gets old; it always cracks you up. This is a Nakuru route name that people never stop making fun of.

SEMA STAGE: Okay, seeing that there are hundreds of Saccos, these guys must have run out of names and settled on this. This is a Nairobi, Emali, Mtito-Andei route Sacco.

DIX HULT: This is definitely a strange one. I don’t know what to say, but wonder how they came up with this code name for CBD, Kariobangi, Outering, Huruma and Eastleigh.

NAKAM: Then we have Nakam, which was formed for some nganyas within the city.

WALOKANA: As funny as the Sacco name sounds, the mathrees plying the Wangige-Lower Kabete-Nairobi route are funny-looking as well.

WAKANDEBA: And then we have this witty one. Residents of Wangige, Kagongo, Ndenderu and Banana might never care about how hilarious it sounds, but the mathrees always connect them with their various destinations.

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