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The German command

Why did you choose this car?

I was actually planning on getting the 2009 model last year, but decided to hold out for this particular model. It’s sleeker, the interior is upgraded from the 2009 model and I absolutely love the steering wheel on it.

It’s a big part of the reason I got this one. I’m also half German and very patriotic to Germany at the end of the day, but besides that, Germany builds quality and as everyone knows, it’s second to none.

Furthermore, I’ve owned VWs in the past and this neatly continues that legacy. What do you love most about it? I used to have a Subaru WRX N10 STI. With that, you get raw unfiltered power; you feel every bit of the performance.

One day I was driving the GTI quite briskly and the build quality is so good that from the inside, I felt like I was going maybe, 100 kph. I looked at the speedometer and the needle was much higher. Even at full chat, push it a bit more on the throttle and it just effortlessly delivers more power.

But you don’t feel it; it’s subdued and civilised while embarrassing much louder and raucous cars. That’s something I really appreciate about it. It also recently won best overall car at the recently held InstaCar Festival.

Any drawbacks?

I’m not the biggest fan of Front Wheel Drive (FWD), which this car is. You get a lot of wheel spin. I prefer a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) car or All Wheel Drive (AWD). You get the most traction from RWD, but in the FWD Golf, it just doesn’t compare.

It’s also very low and that becomes quickly apparent when you come face to face with a pothole or the huge monster speed bumps we have on our roads. There are a few times I’ve scrapped the bottom and that just makes me cringe.

The direct-shift gearboxes are very delicate and they are positioned right underneath the car. I don’t want to put spacers because then you compromise on stability.

The only thing I can do is bear with the situation and make sure I go over bumps sideways slowly. My girlfriend often teases that I could have used the money to travel, but chose instead to go over bumps sideways.

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