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Naomi Ng’aru, head designer and creative director – Naomi Designs

Marcella Akinyi

Tell us about your company and what inspired you to be a designer

My company has been in operation for the last two years. I opened the business immediately after graduating. I was inspired to join the wedding industry by a designer I interned for during my second year in college.

Ever since, I have always had my inspirations drawn from anything wedding related. I currently deal with dressing the whole bridal team; wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, matching bridal robes, flower girls dresses and groomsmen attires.

What should a couple look out for when choosing a design for their wedding?

They should first of all consider their budget, then we can be able to advise on the types of fabric and designs they can afford. Also, their colour scheme; the designs of the bridal team outfits should coordinate with the overall theme colour of the event. How can brides match their gowns with the bridesmaids’ dresses? There are many ways, such as the shape. F

or example, if the bride’s gown is mermaid shaped, the maids can also have mermaid shaped dresses. Another way is to incorporate a small detail on the gown, which is the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses, for insance a back bow.

What has been your craziest moment while dealing with clients?

It is when a client orders something last minute and expects me to be done on time. What are some of the mistakes designers make when dealing with couples? The biggest mistake would be giving clients false promises, and also giving clients poorly finished work, that is not worth their money.

What is your price range?

From Sh3,500 to Sh15,000, depending on the fabric and designs chosen.

What are the challenges of being a wedding designer in Kenya?

The biggest challenge is competing with imported wedding gowns, which are unbelievably cheap, thus making most clients opt for them, as compared to custom-made ones.

What advice would you give an upcoming wedding designer?

Have your signature style that makes people identify with you easily. Also, invest in quality in all processes of production. Pay attention to detail and avoid shortcuts. Nothing comes easy.

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