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J blesses with festive wings

Njeri Maina

I am a bit cowed to be meeting such an acclaimed video director, music director and producer as J Blessing. Like most of you, I have just seen his name pop up in music videos as well as music award shows.

The Link Video Global founder walks into Sa’ani Bistro off Argwings Kodhek Road on time, armed with an easy smile and a sense of humour. We proceed to the kitchen where Sous-chef Silas gives us the ingredients to make sticky chicken wings and fries.

Since the chicken is already marinated, J Blessing deep-fries it till it is well done, while narrating to us his steady rise to being one of the most sought after video directors in the country. “I used to minister in church.

Then, I decided to dabble in music production, which would then morph into an interest in video direction,” the Mwafaka award-winning producer explains. He would later go abroad to hone his video direction and cinematography skills, after which he came back to continue with his job at a higher level of expertise, but with the same purpose of impacting lives.

When the chicken is done, J fries some onions with some ketchup, so as to make a paste. He then puts the cooked chicken wings in the paste and stirs under low heat till the wings are steeped in the sauce.

He adds some spring onions and parsley to garnish, before getting to potato peeling. As we watch him peel away – John the photographer and I are unwilling to help – we learn a bit more about his charitable exploits.

Throughout his career, he has always been big on mentorship. He talks about his newest project, a partnership with Pace Communications to make headphones, part of whose sale proceeds go towards helping identify and promote upcoming individuals in the art industry as a whole, not just musicians.

Despite being in the arts industry, I don’t think my photographer and I will be on that list, since we did not help him peel the potatoes, oops! Once the potato peeling, dicing and washing is done, J gets to the frying.

He places the well done fries in an oil absorbing paper, before carefully plating the dish. He finishes it all off by artfully decorating the plate with dollops of soy sauce. The head chef, Melvin Oyamo, is clearly in a festive mood, as he gives J a whooping nine out of 10.

Upon tasting the dish, we are all a tad happier; that is how good the chicken wings and fries are. Maybe, my one charitable thing will be to cook for my family a lip smacking, happiness inducing meal like this. Maybe you should too.

Sticky chicken wings recipe

• Chicken wings
• Spices
• Deep-frying oil
• Diced onions
• Ketchup
• Tomato sauce
• Chopped spring onions
• Chopped parsley
• Mix the spices you would like to marinate your chicken in.
• Dab them on your chicken wings and leave for a while so they may sip in.
• Deep-fry the marinated chicken pieces till well done.
• Fry the diced onions in the tomato sauce and ketchup to make a thick paste.
• Put the chicken pieces into the paste and stir under low heat till the wings are well coated in the paste.
• Sprinkle some parsley leaves and spring onion rings to add colour to the dish.
• Serve with a side helping of fries or as an appetizer to assuage the hunger pangs of your festivities hangout crowd.

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