Kajiado women only village cries for help

The prolonged drought that is sweeping Kajiado county has turned Loorgosuan village into a dusty abode of hungry, helpless, thirsty and insecure women and children.

All the male villagers are caught between a rock and a hard place — to stay at home and look after their families or venture into alien lands in search of pasture and water for their animals; their wealth, their life and identity!

They have to leave to save the few animals which have survived the unforgiving drought ravaging their land. The families — some of them teen mothers — left behind in this remote village in Kajiado Central have not seen and heard from the men for more than five months.

They wake up uncertain of what the day holds for them and at times go hungry for days without food hoping that the men will return with food and perhaps water. And around the manyattas ringed by thorny dry acacias, lie the carcasses and skeletons of the decimated animals in an area whose seasonal rivers have long dried up.

Although some parts of the country received recent short rains that sprung up life-saving pasture, Loorgosua was not so lucky. The women have surrendered their fate to the gods; they sit outside their huts with their malnourished children and pray that some guardian angel or well-wisher will come by and save them from the pangs of hunger and thirst.

“We are really suffering from hunger. Our husbands have gone for months and they left us without food. We entirely depend on well-wishers, who once in a while pass by and bring us food. We are adapting to eating one insufficient meal per day and sometimes, we sleep hungry.

Our children are malnourished but we cannot help them,’’ said Mary Lanoi, a resident. Area senior chief John Mamai said the situation is deteriorating and needs urgent attention before it gets out of hand. “Drought has reduced this location to a women’s village.

Men have been away for months and if no quick intervention is taken to save these women and children, we might soon begin losing lives because of hunger and thirst,’’ he said.

The administrator appealed to the National and County governments to provide relief food to the women,who are part of the more than 1,000 families that need urgent food aid in the arid and semi-arid Maa county.

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