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Boys flop in exam blamed on betting

Mwangi Willy @PeopleDailyKe

Betting and gambling is another reason many boys did not perform well in this year’s KCSE, Trans Nzoia Parents Associations chairperson Wellington Waliaula has said.

He said children are spending less time on books and more time on mobile phones analysing matches. He said advertisement in both electronic and print media that promotes betting and gambling has worsened the situation as it promises millions of shillings that the youngsters are dreaming to have.

Speaking in Kitale yesterday, Waliaula condemned police and the licensing authority for failing to control what he called “a menace that is threatening lives of many young people”. “Nowadays, school-going children own internet-enabled mobile phones that they are using to place bets.

Instead of studying to improve on their grades, they analyse teams,” he said. Waliaula asked legislatures to formulate laws that will help control the use of mobile phones and online betting sites.

“The betting companies need to also put in place measures that will help control people who are betting. They need to have a system that will require the user to regularly insert their national identification number as this will prevent people who are under the age of 18 to engage themselves in this so-called leisure,” he said.

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