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Adak workshop calls for more effort on dope

Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) has called upon athletes to desist from doping vice in order to attract sponsorship and also maintain their reputation in the industry and also their build legacy.

Addressing over 150 delegates from various sporting disciplines from Kakamega County in Shieywe Guest House on Wednesday, during a workshop, ADAK national director for research Agnes Mandu stated that its good to win clean and fair.

“ADAK is calling upon all the federation to embrace Anti-doping activities with view to promote fairness and also clean the sport and well being of the players.

“Federation should start planning for anti-doping sensitisation before hosting major events like the recent Cecafa tournaments. She also added that the agency is ready to engage all stakeholders in sporting industry in view of safeguarding players and the reputation of the country.

“We require support from all of you and through this workshops and outreach activities we will be able to reach as many youth and help them do the right things during competitions.

National secondary schools sports association KSSSA deputy secretary Robert Mukhwana who was among the participants revealed that they will work closely with ADAK in order to help young players and also maintain the reputation of the association.

Other notable attendees at the workshop were Vihiga United assistant coach Francis Xavier, Athletics Kenya western branch Francis Afundi, and also CAF soccer coaching instructor Fred Serenge who called on the government to apprehend the manufacturers of illegal substance.

Some of the topics participants were taken through included anti-doping rules and violations, prohibited list, consequences of doping, doping process and control, among others.

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