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Meet Bahati, gospel artiste

GRACE WACHIRA @yaa_grace

Best moment this year?

Discovering new talents such as David Wonder and seeing him get accepted by the audience. It doesn’t happen every day.

Worst Christmas?

It was in 2002. I lost my mother on Boxing Day. It was a tough period for me.

Best way you’ll spend Christmas this year?

It is definitely visiting children’s homes and spending time with those children. Giving love to them will fill my soul. It is the season to give!

Worst moment on stage?

It was at a show in Kisumu. There was a bit of a scuffle in the crowd and the police lobbed teargas. The pain and burning sensation in my eyes was on another level! It was my first time to be teargassed. The crowd though did not flinch. They are used to the gas (laughs). Needless to say, the show went on.

Best thing about being an artiste?

You get to come up with art that inspires people and gives them hope to live another day. Worst rumour you’ve heard about yourself this year? That I conned someone of Sh400,000. Something I have never done. I also did not respond then because it could only have added fuel to the fire.

Best decision you have ever made?

Giving my life to Christ and living for Him. I have never looked back since. It is because of Him that I am where I am in life.

Worst public experience?

Three years ago, I dozed off in a matatu and was driven way past my alighting point. It was hard enough to get fare home and so, I had to walk quite a stretch. I literally have come a long way (laughs).

If you were to come back as meat, what would it be?

Chicken meat. It is white, so it’s healthy plus, it has a lot of fans. I would make profit as well as please people all day, every day!

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